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June 26, 2012

Shotguns and Rifles, oh my!

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My wife and I have been working with several new shooters. So much so, in fact, lately I’ve been joking we’re now unpaid firearms consultant.

Some of the new shooters we’ve been working with is is a very nice couple of ladies that are concerned about home and self defense. When we first took them to the range one them had never fired a gun before in her life and the other hadn’t figured a gun for over 20 years.

We started out with .22LR pistols and have been working our way through a lot of the options from there. Now, they are both very comfortable with firearms. It has been an amazing journey and we’re grateful to be a part of it.

They are getting ready to purchase their first pistols (a brace of Smith and Wesson M&P 9s – yes, they drank the kool-aid).

One of our shooters has become a certified gun nut – harnessing the vast power of the interwebs to research all things gun. So, of course, we had to have the “do we need a shotgun” for home defense conversation. I know there are lots and lots and lots of folks that will disagree with my response but I’ll stand by it — you don’t need, or even want, a shotgun for home defense. A good AR is a better choice.

I plan on writing more on why I think that is the right answer but throwing that out there for now.


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