High Drag, Low Speed

September 16, 2012

Sweeping customers away

Filed under: Retail — hdls @ 4:59 am

We’re on the road today, in Utah to be exact. I had some time to kill so I swung by a nearby gun store – Get Some Guns & Ammo. By Odin I’ve never had some many guns pointed at me in such a short time!

Folks, if you’re going to get into the retail gun business you need to come up with some way to keep the customers who don’t know what they are doing from pointing the guns at those of us who do know what we’re doing. It could be as simple as “point guns here” and have the staff enforce it.

Yeah, and speaking of staff – you guys need to be a lot more careful with the muzzle of the guns you’re showing.

Other than that, nice store and friendly folks.


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