High Drag, Low Speed

September 28, 2012


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Can’t register with a Hotmail or Gmail account? Great, no problem, I won’t register.

Fuck you.



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Sometimes bravery is just standing there.

Reloads for the revolver crowd

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One of the reason that many folks like autoloaders for conceal carry is the ease of reloading – drop the mag and insert a new one and done. Reloads can be a little tougher for a revolver user and here is a review of gear that can help. If you think a revolver can’t be reloaded quickly watch this.

Conceal carry from a women’s point of view

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Deciding how to carry can be more challenging for a women. Here’s an interesting article about matching the outfit of the day with a conceal carry method.

September 27, 2012

A few sharp words

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From Ernest Emerson on tactical knives. I loves me some Emerson knives. I had two but lost one.

Might be time to buy a new one…

Another heart warming story

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brought to you by guns.

HOUSTON – A former Houston firefighter pulled a gun on two robbery suspects, killing one of them, investigators said.

Oh, by the way, I totally stole this tagline from a friend on Facebook. If you see a report in the media about the defensive use of firearms let me know.

September 22, 2012


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Yeah, so, I’m posting some of photos. It isn’t like anyone actually reads this blog. Smile

This photograph has particular meaning to me. But beyond the emotional connection I think it turned out really well.



Ambi Charging Handle

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For anyone that is either left handed or shoots leftie because they are cross eye dominant there is a new charging handle out for you AR you may want to consider.

My wife is right handed, but shoots left handed because she is cross eye dominant. One of the challenges with that setup is working the charging handle. Well, good news on that front. Rainier Arms has teamed up with AXTS Weapon Systems to release a new ambidextrous charging handle – the Raptor.

We received our package from Rainier Arms this week and I opened it up and snapped a couple of pictures of the Raptor sitting next to a Bravo Company Manufacturing Gunfighter charging handle – a Mod 4 (medium) if I recall correctly.


We haven’t had a chance to take the new charging handle out shooting yet, but I’ll report back after we’ve put a few rounds down range.

(And yes, I know the photo kinda sucks. I’ll see if I can get better ones.)

Falling waters

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September 20, 2012

Good stuff from the good folks at Insights Training Center

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The team at Insights Training Center have started an interesting YouTube channel. I subscribed and you should too.

Videos released so far:

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